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We think about marketing for you to have a long success.

Established on 01/07/2016, AMC Advisory Services is committed to spread knowledge of financial products, specially insurance. Our moto is to increase insurance awareness among people which further help them to buy most suitable products as per their need and requirements, since we believe that “An informed individual can take better decision”.

Insurance is most important aspect of human life, it helps in compensating financial loss due to any un-foreseen events. In short, insurance minimises cash out-flow from policy holder’s pocket in case of any un-foreseen event which may cause financial loss since insurance policy can be purchased in the form of life insurance, health insurance, property insurance, home insurance, motor insurance etc.

Aware customer is the best for business.

To promote insurance awareness among people, we use various marketing & advertising tools to educate them in the form of organising seminars and conferences, organising insurance awareness camps where we distribute banners, posters, pamphlets of various insurance products, taking potential buyer’s query regarding various features of an insurance products, explaining them various terminology being used in insurance policy and their benefits, educating them for products features comparison, and other technical and professional consultancy.

Since today’s world is very much connected to online platform, we also use social media platform as Facebook, You-Tube, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-in etc to promote insurance awareness among people. To carry out insurance promotion and awareness activity, we have dedicated, qualified and professional staff which is very much efficient to achieve our goal.

Camp Organise

We organize small camps in different localities, where we interact with customers directly and educate them about features and benefits

Product Awareness

Aware customers about your products and clear doubt regarding various features of products.

Saminer Organise

We organize seminars to clear customers doubt regarding various features of product. All this helps in increasing awareness of customers.

Expanding Nation-wide

We are in process of expanding our network in other parts of the country as well, since journey so far is just a start, we have to go long way with our commitment to spread insurance awareness in every corner of India. Despite our constant growth, we are still driven by our desire to maintain first-class service and provide solutions dependent on potential customer’s needs.

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If you are having any doubt regarding our services, feel free to drop us an email. Our team will contact you regarding your doubts and design a perfect plan according to your needs.